Seated chest press



This exercise targets the main muscle of the chest, the pectorals. Developing the pecs is an aesthetic goal for many people. It is also functional in developing strength and power for sports where you swing a bat, racket, or club. The chest press machine also recruits the biceps and the big muscles of the shoulders and back. Using a machine helps prevent many errors of form. You can adjust the seat and handles so they are in the correct position for your body. Using a machine, you are able to lift heavier weights with more control.


• Measure(L*W*H)150*160*180(CM)
• Standard Weight:14pieces total 60 kg
• Maximum Weight:20pieces total 100 kg
• NW.213KG
• GW.215KG
• Cushion Material: PU
• Frame Painting Double painting
• Muscle exercised:
• deltoid, triceps


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